Lessons In Impermanence

We long for the day when we find a thread or elastic that will never break. But unfortunately, the sharp stone edges rolling on thread can cause even the strongest of string to wear down. 

NOTE: We do not repair malas as it would take us too long and so is not cost effective. 

Our string is very good quality, however if your chakra jewelry gets lots of love and attention, it may one day give way.  We just have to take it as a lesson in impermanence. 

The good news is we offer a good as new hand repair service for some of our products. Where possible we will take great care to replace all your crystals, so the positive energy and intention you have put into your crystals remains.

"My necklace has arrived and it looks just perfect.  It looks even stronger than it did before so thank you so much for taking the time to fix it for me.  Also thank you for enclosing the information of the stones used in the necklace.  I love reading about them. The way you look after your customers is exceptional."

Alternatively we can send you some string or elastic thread if you would like to have a go repairing yourself.  We would recommend this option if you are a bit crafty.  As you get to lovingly rethread your crystal beads. It takes a while but is a really beautiful process to reconnect to your piece in a whole new way.

CONSIDERATION: Please keep in mind that when your crystals are repaired they may take on a different energy, as they have travelled and been handled by someone else. We do take great care to cleanse and energise each repair anew, but it may take time to reconnect to the same energy of your stones once they are returned. This is quite normal. 

Our Classic Chakra Lariat Design has proven to be very hardy as the stones are tied in place. This means they can be worn constantly with no wear and tear for many years. Even in water. 

Chains Breakages

Unfortunately we do not repair broken chains, but we can replace them for a fee.

General Care

Please avoid wearing metal chain necklaces in water and avoid perfumes and other solvents with plated jewelry. Especially gold vermeils.