Rare Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Necklace


This very rare and beautiful limited edition American Turquoise Necklace is made with the highest quality American turquoise. From The Sleeping Beauty Mines which have now permanently closed. 

If you are a lover of natural turquoise, you can be assured that this is the best quality you can buy. It is the rarest, brightest, naturally blue turquoise available worldwide. 

The last Sleeping Beauty Turquoise mine in the USA has now officially closed, which means this amazingly vibrant turquoise will not be available much longer and will keep rising in value.  We are so very happy to have a secret source of this incredible stone. But we never know if it will be the last time we can order it.

There is nothing like wearing this incredibly powerful shamanic stone, that activates your crown, throat and heart chakra.


Turquoise is a stone of great spiritual significance. It helps you release blocked energy reminding you to 'Let Go' of things that are no longer serving you. Encouraging you to bring awareness to, and balance the crown, heart and throat chakra. 

Since ancient times shamans and medicine men have worked with this powerful, vibrant stone. It was regarded by the Hopi and Navajo Indians, as a great protector, which would instil strength and attract good fortune. When used in relation with the crown, throat and heart chakra, it helps to encourage calm self-expression with integrity and compassion. 

why you should wear turquoise?

Turquoise is a very protective stone that represents and enhances strength, shamanic sensitivity and a strong connection to the animal spirit world. 

It is said that one must attune to the vibration and frequency of the turquoise instead of the turquoise attuning to your frequency.  Like the magnetic true north this stone is energetically true.  No matter where your energy is it can help pull you back towards a true expression.  It can bring clarity to murky thoughts and energies with this energetically grounding stance.   

We also use this powerful stone in our much sought after limited edition Peacock Lace

When it becomes difficult to speak ones truth or be in one’s own authentic space, when it is hard to hold your own boundaries of self love and compassion in the face of another’s priorities pulling on our own, turquoise can keep you centered. 

Please note: Due to the rare nature of this stone it may take time to source if we sell out. 


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