Angel Bliss


This beautiful crystal necklace was inspired by our friendship with the beautiful BelindaGrace, international author, clairvoyant and light worker.  She believes that our Angels and Spirit Guides are always with us and their role is one of unconditional love and support.   

" I’m so delighted by the ‘AngelBliss’ necklace. It feels so beautiful to wear, is gorgeous to behold and helps me settle into that peaceful vibe that is conducive to opening up more and more to the support and love of my angel guides. I believe that our Angels and Spirit Guides are trying to teach us all that we are not alone, that we shouldn’t struggle on our own and that support and love are always available"

- BelindaGrace.  International Author & Celebrity Clairvoyant 


Blue Fluorite 
Blue lace Agate
Sterling Silver Balls & Daisy Spacers

If you would like to learn more about BelindaGrace please go to 

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