Angel Heart

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OUT OF STOCK - Sorry!!! Maybe we can make you a Personalised Crystal Necklace instead. 

Introducing our limited edition Angel Heart Chakra Stones Necklace, made entirely out of calming pink rose quartz. This heavenly design is set on high vibrational white thread and dotted with sparkling, silver spheres and daisies. This divine lariat was first exhibited at the recent Mind body Spirit Festival in Australia, where we sold out. Perhaps it was so popular because it exudes such a wonderful, gentle, healing vibration. And as soon as you put it on you can feel something pure and energetically healing at work.

This beautiful new design is made to support those of you who feel a deep sense of compassion for the world and the people in it. For those sensitive, empathic souls who show infinite kindness to others.

This chakra stones necklace is especially beneficial for the healers and the spiritually connected. The nurses, the selfless carers, the medicine women. And those whose life purpose it is to heal, nurture and guide us towards the light.

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