Personalised Crystal Necklace with Powerful Chakra Phone Healing


Let Us Guide You On A Life Changing Experience of Deep Energetic Healing.  

During our 30 min phone session I will help you clear space for spiritual growth, self love, deeper consciousness and energetic healing.

First, I will help you reconnect with the subtle vibrations of your energetic body.  And together we will bring balance and healing to the areas that need most love and support.

Then, I will spend time meditating and channeling healing energy to you, whilst I make you a beautiful bespoke, and totally unique crystal necklace to support your personal journey. 


We will connect with you and have a chat about your chakras.

STEP 2. 

We will lead you through a relaxing chakra balancing meditation.


We will offer you some personal and powerful insights that will help you restore emotional and energetic balance.

STEP 4. 

We will make you a beautiful unique crystal necklace to support you on your journey to peace, love and energy balance. 

( Note this process takes around 30 minutes on the phone so we will organise a suitable time to connect with you. )

Love from Kate Manekshaw
Energy Healer. Empath. Chakra Intuitive. Writer. Artist and founder of I Love Chakra 

These are some of the happy faces of our wonderful stall girls and beautiful customers wearing their new crystal necklaces at Wanderlust Festivals and Mind Body Spirit Festivals around the world. Blessings to you all. 

Read what people say

"This was such a powerful experience for me. Katie was spot on about everything she told me, it was amazing to hear her tell me things about myself. She is a really lovely person, so nurturing and really accurate. The session was amazing and then a week later l received my crystal necklace that she made for me. It is stunning, and such a beautiful gift. I love it so much and I wear it all the time as a reminder of my own healing. - Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I cannot recommend this experience highly enough!" - Paula Melbourne

"Such a beautiful Chakra Clearing Session. Katie you have identified exactly what is happening for me at the moment. Now I will focus with intention and awareness on the specific Chakras with the strategies you have suggested to maintain balance and alignment. I am confident that the I Love Chakra Lariat that you are creating for me will support me further. -Thank you, " - Rina (Melbourne, Australia)

"P.S. I love Chakra - I really do!"

" During my reading Katie really helped change my energy. I feel so much more relaxed and centred. When the necklace arrived it was such a special feeling wearing it and knowing it was made just for me. Thank you for everything" - Sharon x

"After my healing with Katie I felt so at peace and so much better than I have in a long time. She really helped me. Then when  I received my beautiful necklace in the post, I totally fell in love with it because it was made just for me and that felt so special. I now feel protected and calm when I'm wearing it, and I even hang it over my bed lamp at night. Thank you " 

"Every Monday I Love Chakra help me feel better and this has been such a special gift. Thank you Katie I just love what you guys do, I am going to tell all my friends about this service, so you might be on the phone a lot soon  ha ha " - Fiona  B

"my husband always reminds me to put it on, cause he thinks it helps me and I think it does too " - Sally J

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