Rose Crown Love Necklace


Rose Crown Love Necklace, with a waterfall of petite rough cut rose quartz nuggets, alternated with sparkling AAA grade clear quartz fractal beads for crystal energetic amplification.

This heavenly design is set on high vibrational white thread and dotted with sparkling, silver spheres and spacer daisies.

This beautiful new design is made to support those of you who feel a deep sense of compassion for the world and the people in it. For those sensitive, empathic souls who show infinite kindness to others.

It makes the perfect wedding hair crown or bridesmaid gift.

Length - 1.1m Lariat Wrap. Wear as a necklace, bracelet or anklet.

Gemstones - Rose quartz petite rough cut nuggets & AAA grade clear quartz fractals.  

Precious Metal - Sterling silver daisy spacers and silver spheres.

Finished off with a signature ILC Sterling Silver Intention Bell. 

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